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Meet the Bobcat T650!

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A powerful track machine, the 9,500 lb. Bobcat T650 operated by Bobcat Man can do it all in dry, wet or even muddy conditions on your lawn and landscape. An excellent choice for spreading large amounts of gravel, sand or topsoil; loading dumpsters; digging; moving sand, gravel, paver stone or debris from one job site point to another either by filling the bucket or using pallet forks. It has 2,570 lbs. of operating capacity and has heat/air conditioning/windshield wipers, improving productivity in any weather:

The T650 bucket is 79 inches (6 feet, 7 inches) wide.

The following Bobcat jobs were completed recently for customers:


  • Expanded and created a new driveway, parking and turnaround area for a customer in Springfield, TN using 65 tons crush & run

  • Spread 25 yards topsoil on a lawn area for a customer in White House, TN

  • Spread crush & run/gravel on driveways for numerous customers

  • Moved and spread 17.5 cu. yds. crush & run for Brentwood High School


  • Created berms across property to control rainwater flow for a customer with large farm property in Goodlettsville, TN

  • This for a Hendersonville TN Bobcat customer: Removed built up dirt from drainage ditches along the road to open up drains

  • Cut swales and built berms on several residential and farm properties to channel rainwater away from barns, homes and garages. This barn pictured below had rainwater flowing into it which was beginning to rot some of the wood near the ground. I cut this channel, then another on the other side of the barn, which re-directed the water flow to a nearby hillside.

  • Dug a 2 foot deep trench about 150 feet long to a drainage ditch from a low spot where water collected after rains. A drain and 4" black plastic pipe was then installed by the customer and he covered the pipe with gravel to "set" the pipe. I then added additional gravel then backfilled the ditch. This was a job for for residential customer in Hendersonville. This trench dig was accomplished by turning the 6' 7" tooth bucket perpendicular to the intended trench and taking out small 18" width slices, moving along the path to a target point until a nearly perfect trench was created (see "septic leach field" below for a photo of the same sort of precision trench that can be created with this procedure using only the tooth bucket and the T650. Yes, it takes practice!)

  • Same type of trench installed for another customer for black pipe installation so drainpipe water would carry away from foundation of house in Millersville

  • Septic leach field: The dig, pictured above, took place April 16th, 2011. The night prior featured some of the heaviest rains this season with continued light rain up until within 15 minutes of our 8 a.m. start time. Using the tooth bucket turned perpendicular to the intended trench, I dug an "F shaped" septic drainage field by first cutting 140 feet of straight trench starting at a 2.5 ' depth and continued with a slight upward grade finishing about 16 " deep. Then the two 40' parallel forks were dug, both about 16" deep. Behind me, a 2 man crew cleaned loose dirt out, attached 20 feet of schedule 40 to the septic outflow pipe, then continued the install with perforated black 4 " drainage pipe and added gravel by hand shoveling to set the pipe. I then I backfilled the trenches with the excavated dirt and backdragged to smooth the surface. This was for a contractor from Springfield working a job on a residential property. Due to the precision and speed of the Bobcat & operator as well as a crew that was able to keep up, the entire leach field dig and drain installation required under 3 hours, two hours less than the contractor had estimated. The crew laid seed and straw to finish off the job by 11 a.m.


  • Dug out a flat spot for a swingset/playground area in Madison, TN

  • Dug out a sloped back yard to create 30' X 30' flat area to accomodate a 24' round above ground pool in Ashland City

  • In Antioch, dug out a sloping back yard to expand the useable lawn area

  • Dug out 100 yd. x 50 yd. area in backyard to create a backyard soccer field for a Brentwood homeowner

  • Dug numerous flat spots for installation of pools, decks, garages, carports and sheds


  • Working for a homeowner who said he had trouble even locating a Hendersonville, TN Bobcat service, Bobcat Man graded around the foundation of his home in to achieve a slope away from house of 25 feet minimum.

  • Graded several areas of a lawn in Nashville until the homeowner's desired result was achieved including filling low spots, filling holes and creating proper slope for rainwater flow away from structures.


  • Carried multiple pallets of materials around a commercial job site in Nashville to supply landscape crew as they installed

  • Using pallet forks: moved cut logs approx. 3 to 10 feet long to burn piles for a homeowner

  • Moved 3 pieces of heavy equipment approx. 200 feet from a job site to a moving truck for a business owner in Hermitage


  • Repeatedly faced down two 2,000 lb. buffalo while installing crush & run for feed shed floors in a pasture for a homeowner in Lebanon...It looked something like this most of the day. Now be honest, could you go to work and "git 'er done" with menacing beasts like these looking over your shoulder? Lol!


  • Dug a tiered 100' x 60' garden area working lime, fertilizer and peat into the soil + created hole for installation of small pond for customer in Nashville. Large stone uncovered during the dig were moved into place around the pond using the Bobcat

  • Moved gravel, crush & run, sand and loose paver stone from piles on a driveway to 8 man paver installation crew on a residential install job in Brentwood

  • Backfilled large trench areas (after piping installed) on a commercial site for a Nashville Contractor

  • Built a wall of fill dirt across the back of a residential property-60 cu. yards- that arrived in 3 triaxle loads. The intended purpose was decorative- installation of shrubs & rocks by a landscape company

  • Built a flat area of topsoil across the bottom of sloping back yard of a residential property-60 cu. yards- that arrived in 9 large dump truck loads to create a flat play area and a place for installation of a children's jungle gym

  • Backfilled a wall built by a customer in Gallatin, TN happy to find there was a good Gallatin, TN Bobcat service.

  • Cleared a brushy, lightly wooded lot of about 1/2 acre for a homeowner in Madison

  • Cleared a brushy, lightly wooded lot of about 2 acres for a homeowner in Lebanon

  • Need a Goodlettsville, Tn Bobcat service? Working in G-ville Bobcat Man pulled from a pile of clay soil to repair runoff damage and the fractured wall of a pond that had eroded from the recent heavy rains.

    The above should give you an idea of the type of work the T650 can do

  • I'm Insured, reliable and dependable.

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    The Bobcat T650 Work Rate Is Simple and Affordable:

    To help get my little business established my Bobcat Work Rate Is Simple and Affordable: The T-650 is $110/hr. with an 8 hr. minimum.

    Temporary Internet Special $85/hour 5 hour minimum!

    That's right, only $475 for an experienced operator and this powerful, versatile machine for up to 5 full hours, fully insured, 1st 5 hours includes delivery to site site/load/unload with $2,000,000 in liability insurance! Up to 30 minutes Mapquested travel time from shop to your job included. Hours over 5: $85 per hour, pro rated to nearest 15 minutes.

    Small Job? Great Temporary Rate:

    Fall of 2015 SUPER SAVER rate of $275 for up to 3 hours which includes up to 3 hours of work, transport, insurance, fuel and operator! One flat rate, no other fees will apply except a travel fee for locations over 30 minutes! Hours over 3: $85 per hour, pro rated to nearest 15 minutes.Valid through November 5th, 2015.

    Please note that this rate is of limited duration, about to end and its a steal so if you're interested CALL NOW TO LOCK IT IN: 855-6630

    Whether you're a homeowner or contractor, how does renting a machine stack up to these prices?

    Renting seems cheaper but in truth it's an absolutely horrible deal that can't be justified, and will:

    • Cost you more $ out of pocket
    • Put the liability for breaking anything on the machine on you
    • Force you to spend time cleaning the rental machine
    • Increase your risk of serious injury or death of yourself or others (these powerful, often deadly, machines are NOT toys and should only be operated by trained, experienced operators)
    • Increase your liability for damages

    Don't believe it costs more to rent? Your cost today using our Internet special pricing for the T-650 and experienced operator for up to 5 hours: $475, fully insured and no extra fees.

    Why not rent a machine and save a few dollars? You can rent a skid steer for $185 and save big, right?


    Renting a small item for one time use like a chainsaw, compactor or rug scrubber for a half day or full day often makes sense. It's small enough to toss in your car, you can operate it yourself as good or better than anyone you could hire, and savings will be significant enough that you can happily whistle while you work. But renting large, heavy machinery that requires a large truck and trailer to transport it begins to rack up charges as the day goes by that will change your tune significantly.

    Sunbelt rental cost for a 1,270 lb. operating capacity skid steer machine that's 1,000 lbs. less lift capacity, a smaller bucket and has tires rather than the more desireable tracks like our T650:

    • $175 rental fee
    • $125 each way delivery (that's $250 total, more if you live very far from the store. Even if you have your own truck & trailer for pickup, keep reading, renting is still a bad deal vs. hiring our T650!)
    • $72 for 20 gallons of diesel fuel @ $3.60/gallon (you'll be charged for fuel use when you return the machine and/or you'll buy some during the day and if you run the machine full out, you could easily use much more fuel than 20 gallons in a day!)
    • $16.62 tax (9.5% tax on the rental fee portion)

    Subtotal for the "$185 rental" machine: $513.62 (so far).

    So the rental option sounds cheaper with a $185 rental fee but is actually far more expensive when you add up all the costs you'll be hammered with.

    Why would you pay an extra $36.62 minimum, possibly a good deal more than that, for a machine with 1,000 lbs. less capacity, tires rather than tracks, assume liability and to add insult to injury, still have to spend hours of time doing the work yourself? Why not spend that time doing something productive on the job, or do something else with your time that makes money? Or perhaps perform some no-machine-necessary tasks that gets your job done, thus further mitigating your costs of hiring out the T650 with a skilled operator?

    What if you have your own truck and trailer for pickup and return?

    That saves on delivery fees, right? Good deal then, right?. No, because you'll be spending your gasoline and putting wear on your truck & trailer tires. At best you'll save about $80 if you live fairly close to the store. Your savings over hiring Bobcat Man for $475? You'll save $7 or, at best, $83 for a ten hour day of driving, working and cleaning a machine. You're a businessman and your time is not worth more than $8.30 an hour? If you don't mind working a ten hour day for $85 maybe Bobcat Man should send you to do a couple of his jobs!

    If you're a contractor/businessman with a truck and trailer available trying to make this decision, it's easy: don't rent, call 615-855-6630, or you'll be siphoning money out of your business with every bucket load.

    You'll "save" $7 an hour but if you pay your employee to run the rental machine even as little as $15 per hour plus his labor burden of 4.50 per hour (for workman's comp, FICA, insurance, etc.) you'll be absorbing a net loss of $16 per hour, $160 for a ten hour day of working, cleaning and driving vs. hiring the T650 (by the way: paying the employee cash to circumvent the labor burden is a bad idea for a lot of reasons but doing so to improve profits doesn't help because then you're incurring a tax burden for yourself that's likely equal to or possibly more than the labor burden per hour).

    Once again, CONTRACTORS: Pick up and return a rental machine yourself and you'll lose about $160 vs. hiring the T650 with a skilled operator included. Have the machine delivered you'll lose $270 for the day over hiring the T650 with a skilled operator included.

    Thriving in this economy and gaining on your competition is achieved by operating efficiently. Redirect that lost money into advertising! Put that employee to work making you money, not losing it!

    And will you really accomplish as much with an inferior machine vs. what a highly skilled operator on a far more powerful machine will?

      But wait, whether you're a homeowner or businessman, the rental option still gets worse!

  • Fail to spend an hour or so cleaning the machine before returning it to the rental and it's $75 extra for cleaning.
  • If you can't provide proof of two insurance policies- a minimum $1,000,000 job liability policy as well as a policy covering physical damage to the machine up to the replacement cost, you'll be required to purchase a mandatory one-day insurance policy at 15% of the rental cost.

    Clearly, the large, powerful T650 with a highly experienced operator and included heavy-duty $2,000,000 liability insurance package for $475, all inclusive, is the far better deal.

    Make the smart choice and call 615-855-6630 so we can discuss your project and determine how we can best help you out. As always, we'll treat you fairly.

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